IP for good (beer)

Published Date: April 9, 2018

AB InBev offers its patented technology for free to microbrewers after patenting a new brewing innovation

The Guardian reports here that AB InBev, the World’s largest brewer, has developed a greener way to put bubbles in beer. This innovation may reduce the company’s CO2 emissions by 5% which is said to be the equivalent to the energy consumption of 120,000 families.

The innovation relates to a technique it has developed which generate gas bubbles without the need to boil the water and hops. Traditionally, gas bubbles are generated via steam through the natural cooking process, requiring significant levels of water and heat.

“The new technique involves heating the brew to below boiling point and then blowing nitrogen or CO2 into the tank to create bubbles without changing the taste. The company claims that because the beer is brewed at a lower temperature in the early phase, it can also stay fresh for longer.” via The Guardian.

What interested us at IPLive was the fact that AB InBev is offering to share the patented technology free of charge to smaller brewers and largers brewers will pay a licensing fee that will re-invested into further research for similar projects.

But fear not, they have assured us that this innovation won’t detract from the (wonderful) taste of its beers.


Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash

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