SOUTH AFRICA: SA Medical Research Council Meets with Future Research Leaders

Published Date: April 19, 2023

The South African Medical Research Council (SAMRC) which provides various health research grants to 15 universities across South Africa hosted a meeting with 65 grant holders. The SAMRC has committed over 70% of its research grant budget to previously disadvantaged institutions with a view to fostering development in these institutions by fast-tracking the transition of early-career and mid-career scientists into independent research leaders.

The grant holders were invited to present on their research, along with networking with other research leaders with a view to building further collaborations.

“By receiving a research grant – even a small amount – emerging researchers can gain access to resources and expertise that would otherwise be unavailable to them. Additionally, research grants can help emerging researchers develop their skills and gain recognition in their field” said CEO of the SAMRC, Prof Glenda Gray.

The meeting highlighted the skills development in these previously under-served institutions facilitated through the grants provided by the SAMRC and its commitment to identifying the research leaders of the future.

Source: The SAMRC hosts 15 universities for Research Capacity Development | South African Medical Research Council

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