Corporate Social Investment

Adams & Adams is committed to being a responsible business both in the way that it is managed internally and in how we deliver client service; delivering a positive impact for our colleagues, clients, the profession, the environment and our local community.

This is underpinned by the firm’s culture and values of teamwork and respect, integrity and fairness, understanding and commitment, which is held core to everything that we do.

We take our corporate responsibility seriously and strongly believe in behaving in a socially responsible manner and giving something back to our people and our local communities where possible, and by helping to reduce the environmental impact of the firm’s operations.

We are proud to be a platinum sponsor of the King IV Report, a corporate governance code that sets out the philosophy, principles, practices and outcomes which serve as the benchmark for good corporate governance in South Africa – a lodestar to improving the impact that business can have in society.

The firm’s social responsibility programme is driven by its people and overseen by the Socio-Economic Development committee which meets regularly, putting issues of corporate social responsibility at the heart of the discussion internally.

Our responsible business programme broadly covers the following areas:

  • Career Advancement & Pro Bono
  • Children & Youth Welfare
  • Skills transfer and Development
  • Environment & Procurement

Adams & Adams is the 2018 winner of the ManagingIP Global Award for Corporate Social Responsibility and Innovation in Africa.

Career Advancement

Our professionals recognise that they have the power and the assets to be able to improve the lives of fellow South Africans and a social obligation to assist deserving citizens by means of education support and pro-bono work.

Children and Youth Welfare & Well Being

At Adams & Adams we strongly believe in making a positive impact on local communities in need, particularly in looking after our country’s future generations. Through our social responsibility programme, we have been involved in a number of initiatives focused on children and youth welfare.

PRO BONO Contributions

Our partners are engaged in a number of pro bono matters, particularly in the advancement of the preservation of heritage and culture, but often purely to assist members of the public with IP enquiries.

Skill Transfer and Devlopment

One of our key strengths is the transfer of skills and development and we take great pride in these projects.