Published Date: November 9, 2022

After extensive investigations into a company importing and selling counterfeit branded roller bearings, the Adams & Adams Anti-Counterfeiting Team assisted the HAWKS (SAPS) with simultaneous search and seizure operations in 3 Provinces. More than 1 300 counterfeit branded bearings were seized by the Police during these operations. 

Criminal prosecutions and civil claims were instituted.

Roller bearings are used as components across various industries, which can include application as automotive parts. Needless to say, the mere nature of these items carry a potential risk of damage or even safety to consumers in the event where substandard and non-compliant counterfeit versions are installed.

The strategic execution of search and seizure operations is crucial to ensure success for brandholders aiming to not only remove counterfeit items from the market but also to identify the suppliers of these illegal goods. 

Jan-Harm Swanepoel
Partner | Trade Mark Attorney