Published Date: February 8, 2022

In Advisory Notice 4/2021, published on 4 July 2021, the Managing Body for Industrial Property informed the general public that a Power of Attorney should be filed within 30-days of the deposit of an application.  The Advisory Notice further indicated that this period may be subject to a single extension of 30-days.

Powers of attorneys filed before the Registry by foreign applicants require legalization at Consular/Embassy level.  Since this process can take can sometimes take several weeks and sometimes months to complete, practical concerns regarding this strict deadline were raised and addressed with the Ministry of Industry and Trade.  In response, the Office of the Minister has refused to withdraw Advisory Notice 4/2021, stating that Advisory Notice 4/2021 applies only to late attachments of powers of attorney and that such a rule is necessary so as not to jeopardize the principle of procedural speed.

In light of the foregoing, Advisory Notice 4/2021 remains in force; applicants and opponents having any interest in filing applications or oppositions in Angola should, immediately, begin the processes entailed in ensuring that a legalized power of attorney is available.

Source:  Offcio 844 Avsio N.4-2021