Africa Update 2020 – Botswana

Author: Eugene Honey Registry Visit In July 2019, Adams & Adams partner, Eugene Honey and Trade Mark Administrator, Shakes Mashaba travelled to Gaborone to visit our Associate Office, as well as the Companies and Intellectual Property Authority (CIPA) at its premises in the new central business district. They met with the Registrar, Mr. Tim Moalusi, […]

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South Africa | A New Franchising Code is Imminent

Filling the gaps present in the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) 2008, the Franchising Association of South Africa’s (FASAs) will regulate the relationship between franchisors and franchisees going-forward.

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A Franchise Agreement is a sophisticated form of Licence Agreement.  It is therefore necessary to first look briefly at what a license is and what can be licensed.  The image below sets out the essentials of a License Agreement.  You will note that at the core, it is a contractual business relationship between a licensor […]

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Download Franchising Brochure

EXPERT FRANCHISE LEGAL ASSISTANCE Strategic structuring and set up of franchise systems Protection of intellectual property including: registration of trade marks/brands copyright advice patent and design advice know how and trade secret advice Advice on the Consumer Protection Act Preparation of business focused competent franchise agreements Review and updating of disclosure documents Auditing and updating […]

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Bowie Bonds and Stardust Savvy

HOW DAVID BOWIE CHANGED THE MUSIC BUSINESS | During his larger than life career in music that spanned more than four decades, he was dubbed Rock ‘n Roll’s greatest chameleon and also the Master of Reinvention.  He was inducted to the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame in 1996.  A true Renaissance Man, Bowie was […]

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Pitfalls And Difficulties With The CPA

The Consumer Protection Act (“CPA”) came into operation on or about 1 April 2011. As you are aware, this substantially changed the legal franchising landscape in South Africa in that we now have the franchise relationship regulated by legislation. There have been a number of difficulties and pitfalls with the CPA and certain of these […]

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