Adams & Adams Anticounterfeiting team roll out seizures of counterfeit roller bearings in 3 Provinces

After extensive investigations into a company importing and selling counterfeit branded roller bearings, the Adams & Adams Anti-Counterfeiting Team assisted the HAWKS (SAPS) with simultaneous search and seizure operations in 3 Provinces. More than 1 300 counterfeit branded bearings were seized by the Police during these operations.  Criminal prosecutions and civil claims were instituted. Roller […]

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Protecting your rights and interests when the authorities fail to act

Jan-Harm Swanepoel recently represented the interests of a client and the firm in securing an order from the High Court for the imprisonment of a Respondent based on a Contempt of Court Order. The First Respondent embarked on a series of serious intimidating, threatening and defamatory conduct against a client of the firm and even […]

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Manufacturing of counterfeit products rearing its ugly head again in South Africa

The recent news reports of a manufacturing facility found to be selling counterfeit washing powder, have reignited concerns about the extent of the counterfeiting industry in South Africa. When you mention the word “counterfeit goods”, most people think about a few counterfeit sneakers or handbags making their way into South Africa in a container or […]

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Partner in the Anti-Counterfeiting group at Adams & Adams, Godfrey Budeli regularly uses team sport analogies in describing the purpose and successes of his colleagues’ work. “Why not?,” he counters. “As in football, the success of a team depends on correct team placement, and strong leadership.” It’s his ‘captaincy’ that has once again earned him […]

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