Fashion never goes out of style – then why not protect it?

Fashion trends come and go, but for designers who take their creative work seriously, protecting the intellectual property (IP) rights of a design ensures long-lasting value. Entrepreneurs in the fashion industry need to be made more aware of the benefits of obtaining registered design protection for their creative IP. Most tend to turn to legal […]

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South Africa, just like many other countries, has a set of legal provisions pertaining to subject matter for which patent protection may not be obtained. For example, and relevant for present purposes, in terms of section 25(11) of the South African Patents Act (“the Act”), inventions which are directed to methods of treatment on the […]

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The Machines Are Here – 3D Printing – A genuine challenge to Intellectual Property laws and rights holders?

Although 3D printing technology has been in existence for several decades, its recent proliferation makes it clear that never before as much as now, has this technology presented as acute a challenge to to Intellectual Property (IP) laws and rights holders, and to traditional manufacturing practices. The prolific rate at which 3D printers are being […]

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Patent Protection in Information and Communications Technology

Innovations in electronic, mechanical and software technology are a dynamic and increasingly growing field, and as such protecting these inventions should be handled by a patent team who not only understands the market but has the technical expertise and experience for the most successful outcome. Local client-based solutions The Adams & Adams Information and Communications […]

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Providing Patent Services in Chemical, Metallurgical and Process Technologies

South Africa has a very active, and deeply rooted, chemical, metallurgical and process engineering industry that continues to contribute significantly to the country’s GDP. This provides fertile ground for market focused research and development work and, in this space, new technologies are therefore developed and commercially exploited at a rapid pace. Patent protection holds significant […]

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EPO decides on AI inventorship

The European Patent Office (EPO) has finally been given, and has taken, an opportunity to pin its colours to the mast on the question of how it would interpret its legal provisions, as they stand, on the naming of inventors in cases where inventions are asserted as having been created by artificial intelligence (AI).

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These ingenious African inventors are tackling the world’s worst water weed

Hya Matla Organics has found a way to deal with a plant that is choking Africa’s waterways, and Adams & Adams is leading the charge to protect their invention worldwide.

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More than meets the (GU)I! – IP Protection for Apps

The demand for software applications, particularly mobile apps has grown at a phenomenal rate in recent years, fuelled in part by the ever growing use of smartphones globally. In 2018, it is estimated that 66% of individuals in 52 key countries will own a smartphone, up from 63% in 2017 (Zenith Mobile Advertising Forecasts). Meanwhile, […]

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