Published Date: May 17, 2016

Innovation Focus #2: WizzPass™ are South Africa’s only representative on the Barclays Accelerator (powered by Techstars)

WizzPass were recently selected to participate in the Barclays Accelerator (powered by Techstars) and are based in Cape Town for three months of mentorship from specialists in the fintech sphere. Applications were received from over 45 countries and only 10 companies were selected. WizzPass are South Africa’s only representative and join companies from Kenya, Ghana, Uganda, Nigeria, Tanzania, United States, Lebanon and the United Kingdom on the accelerator.

WizzPass is a cashless parking smartphone application and allows the user to interact with booms, barriers and mechanised objects and facilitating payments for the transaction through the application. The user controls the process and the client benefits from improved security, better customer knowledge and cost savings.

caption id”attachment_5238″ align”alignleft” width”200″ WizzPass was founded by Bradley Hornby, Ulrich Stark, Tyron Fouche, Francois Stark and William Saunders/caption

Nic Rosslee, from the IP Live team, caught up with WizzPass’ CEO, Bradley Hornby, who had this to say:

Nic: What problem is WizzPass trying to solve?

Bradley: We are solving a problem for the end user which is pure frustration with the current parking experience – no more paper tickets, no more queues, no more faulty pay-stations and no more loose change. For the landlord, it is reduced costs, increased revenue, improved security and better data on their customers.

Nic: How have WizzPass benefited from being on the Barclays Accelerator so far?

Bradley: We are a month into the Accelerator and it’s been an unbelievable experience. The networks that are opened up are unreal. Meeting every CEO, CIO, CTO of corporates and Founders of start-ups has given us a vast amount of knowledge and opened up doors to accelerate our business. They have helped us narrow down our focus to provide a superior product in the market.

Nic: How far do you think we are away from being a cashless society?

Bradley: Cash is still king among a vast majority of the population. But we are slowly moving towards a cashless society in South Africa and abroad. This is evident in the increase in the amount of cashless transactions and emergence in Apple Pay, Google Wallett, Snapscan, Zapper, MasterPass etc.

Nic: When can I expect to be able to use WizzPass in a shopping mall? 

Bradley: We have just installed at the Cape Quarter shopping centre and 15 on Orange Hotel in Cape Town along with a few corporate offices and the plan is to open this up to the public on 1 June 2016.

Adams & Adams are delighted to be involved with WizzPass in this project.