Published Date: October 23, 2023

Piracy is, unfortunately, not limited to the high seas but has become a real threat in the digital world and causes staggering losses of billions in potential revenue.  These potential and real losses are also not limited to the digital world.

Apart from the vital role of educating and creating an awareness of the value of intellectual property and the damage caused by piracy, the Government in Kenya has implemented certain measures to curb piracy in the film industry.

There is a general ban on the importation of foreign films. A unique barcode is now required to be applied to all legitimate video and audiovisual works to distinguish these from pirated works and to monitor the distribution of films.

The Kenya Copyright Board also has the authority to seize infringing goods.

In the opinion of Leonard Agufa, the Head of Operations Support at MultiChoice Kenya: “Protecting intellectual property rights will foster a fairer online market, encouraging growth and competitiveness in the Kenyan digital economy and enabling Kenya to contribute to global efforts to combat piracy.” 

Source: Tighten law to curb digital piracy – Capital Business (