Published Date: September 28, 2022

On 29 June 2022, the Assembly of the Republic approved the new Copyright Law of Mozambique, Law 9/2022. The new law came into force on 26 September 2022.

The new Copyright Act is aimed at promoting and safeguarding the protection of literary, artistic and scientific works.  The scope of  works eligible for protection has been expanded under the new Act. In terms of the Act, copyright belongs to the intellectual creator of the work and is recognized irrespective of registration, filing or any other formality.

Notably, disabled persons (whose activity is not aimed at commercial gain) may without authorisation and without making payment, create an accessible format version of a lawfully published literary work, reproduce it, distribute, make available, import and export it.

The duration for copyright protection has not changed and remains 70 years for literary works and 50 years for computer programs and phonograms or videograms . The penalties for infringement include obtaining an interim interdict, confiscation, destruction and criminal sanctions.

In addition to the national Copyright Legislation, Mozambique is also bound by international obligations for the protection of copyright under the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works.

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Robyn Müller-Mabuza
Senior Associate | Trade mark Attorney