Published Date: June 10, 2022

A Delegation from OAPI visited Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso on 13 May 2022 as part of the 8th extraordinary session of the Board of Directors of OAPI to meet with the prime minister, Mr Albert Ouédraogo. The aim of the meeting was to obtain the support of the Burkinabe government during what appears to be troubled times as far as the leadership of the organisation is concerned. The Minister of State, Mr Yéro Boly, in charge of national reconciliation, remarked that his mandate will be exercised with due diligence and advised that it is vital that the organisation continues to perform well. To this end member states are urged to undertake the necessary reforms to secure the successful future of the organisation and to achieve its objectives. Mr. Boly reiterated that the Burkinabe Government is committed to its role in this regard.

Source: Burkina Faso: OAPI – Burkina Faso’s support requested –