Published Date: October 14, 2022

On 31 August 2022, OIPI hosted a workshop on the role of intellectual property in graphic design, for the stakeholders in the industry.

The objective of the workshop was to, amongst others, bring awareness and highlight the significance of intellectual property in the field of graphic design, and provide the participants with the relevant information regarding the protection of the various types of intellectual property.

The participants were also provided guidance and information on, identifying intellectual property rights that are entitled to protection; the prescribed or legislated processes for the registration or protection of intellectual property; the various ways in which intellectual property may be utilised or exploited for the designer’s or owner’s economic benefit; and other topics.

Although Ivory Coast remains one of the 17 member states of OAPI, through which the protection or registration of various intellectual property is acquired in the member states, OIPI is said to function as the national liaison structure of OAPI in the country.

Source: RTI