Published Date: December 14, 2023

Over the years, WIPO has been assisting African countries in developing IP policies and innovation ecosystems. Namibia is one of the countries collaborating with WIPO. This collaboration resulted in WIPO’s Director General, Daren Tang visiting Namibia to pledged WIPO’s continued support for strengthening Namibia’s innovation ecosystem. The two- day visit enabled the Director General to engage in high level consultation with government officials, executive management of the Namibian IP Office and other stakeholders from the innovation and creative sectors under the theme “Unlocking intellectual property and innovation systems for economic transformation and social impact”. Some of the objectives discussed during the visit included development of IP systems to create jobs and local wealth for Namibians, assisting local innovators and creators in understanding and using the IP system, capacity building and skills development projects for IP management at the Namibian IP Office, and creation of an inclusive IP ecosystem focusing on communities and business sectors which have been previously under-represented within the IP system.

Source: WIPO Director General Wraps Up Official Visit to Namibia, Pledges Support in Developing Innovation Ecosystem